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Carpet Cleaning

With extensive experience providing premium standard carpet cleaning services to the people of Hobbs, NM, we are pleased to be your local experts offering thorough and effective carpet cleaning that promises absolute sanitation. Ideal for both commercial and residential sites, your convenience is at the very heart of the work. We cater to all schedules, with our diverse appointment times (even overnight or out of hours if required!), as well as affordable prices, efficient practices, and exceptional results!

Extreme Steam Carpet and Tile Cleaning

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaner near you… you have come to the right place! Offering the number one carpet cleaning service in this area, you can be assured of only the best for your property when you work with us. As your local experts, we draw from a wide range of techniques, products, and specialist equipment to achieve a deep clean for your carpet that gets right down into the very fibers of the fabric and restores sanitation and hygiene once more. Your carpet acts as a sponge, so over time, as dirt and other irritants get walked into the fabric, it will hold onto these unpleasant elements, creating a stuffy atmosphere that can potentially cause irritation and allergic responses. Our carpet cleaning service will restore freshness and hygiene!

Specialist Equipment, Techniques, and Products

Ideal for any type of carpet, our carpet cleaning services offer unbeatable results for your property. By applying our specialist works, you can be assured of the exceptional impact that not only restores optimum sanitation to your carpet but creates a wider effect that refreshes the overall atmosphere of your property too. Suitable for all types of carpets and property, our experts will create a custom cleaning program to best benefit the unique condition and nature of your carpet. This will include drawing from a range of techniques, products, and equipment to ensure the best results are achieved whilst keeping the fabric protected.

Residential Sites

Your carpet acts like a sponge. It holds on to dirt, dust, and other irritant particles, as they are walked deep into the fibers. This has a great effect on your home, creating a stuffy and unpleasant atmosphere as well as a lowered hygiene status and potential allergys. Our top-quality carpet cleaning service provides an opportunity to transform your property, refreshing the atmosphere and deep cleaning for a complete sanitation. With affordable prices, convenient appointment schedules, and efficient and effective works, get in touch today to find out more and we will be glad to help!

Commercial Sites

Your commercial site bears huge amounts of footfall, bringing with it untold quantities of dirt, grime, and other irritants. As these settle deep into your carpet they cause a stuffy air that makes your property far from comfortable to be in. Our deep cleaning services will support you to avoid this and are available for one-off appointments or regular bookings. Often using the steam cleaning method, we will maintain freshness for your site!

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