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Water Damage Restortation

For water damage restoration services in Hobbs, NM, Extreme Steam Carpet and Tile Cleaning are the people to help! With many years of experience, we are a team of experts who know just how to achieve optimum results for any water damage, performing top-quality works that will restore and rejuvenate your site to look as good as new. With affordable prices and quick callout responses, we will make your life easier with our premium services. Get in touch today to find out more and we will be glad to assist you- listening carefully to your request and then supporting you through a simple booking process to get your water damage on its way to being resolved as quickly as possible!

Causes of Water Damage

There are so many things that can go wrong on your property that will cause water damage. Leaks from your water or sewage pipes, dishwasher, washing machine, other appliance malfunctions, heavy rain, or local water source flooding, can all be common causes. These problems can be exceptionally dangerous as within your property your electrics are particularly vulnerable, as well as the potential for issues with mold and mildew post damage if adequate repairs are not supplied sufficiently. To prevent these hazards from taking hold, we are the company that you can rely on to perform a meticulous stabilization and repair service, restoring optimum health and safety to your site as quickly as possible!

What is a Water Damage Restoration Service?

Our water damage restoration service has been designed to be a comprehensive work that will restore your property to optimum strength, safety, and stunning aesthetics as quickly as possible following water damage. We offer a fast response service, in many cases the same day, that will prevent the damage from worsening as the time to water exposure lengthens. Our experts will arrive at your property, first stabilizing the issue when required, before creating a custom repair and restoration service to best meet the needs of the damage. Using only the best techniques, equipment, and materials available, you can be assured of a restoration service that achieves exceptional results that will last!

Water Extraction

If the flooding is so severe that you require a water extraction service before the restoration is performed, we will be happy to supply this. Using specialist equipment our highly trained staff will carefully remove any excess water, taking it away from your site and into a safe location.

Your Home Insurance

As premier providers of water damage restoration services, we work with most insurance companies to ensure ease for all of our customers. With years of experience, we can assist you through the process, helping to get through all of the required paperwork and other details as simply as possible. All of our prices are affordable and based on the level and scale of damage. Our team will discuss their process with you, first stabilizing the issue and then creating a custom service that provides exactly what you need, including meeting your budget.

an industrial fan drying water damaged wall and carpet padding in a residential basement
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