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Rugs, Upholstery, Mattress Cleaning

For the best rugs, upholstery, and mattress cleaning in Hobbs, NM, look no further! Using only the best techniques, equipment, and products, our team of experts will create a one-of-a-kind cleaning service in response to the unique fabric composition and condition of your item. In this way we can cater to all items no matter how unclean or fragile, performing a thorough clean that gets deep into the fibers and achieves a meticulous result whilst maintaining safety and protection. With affordable prices and convenience at every step of the way, get in contact to find out more and we will be glad to help!

Rug cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning is a specialist service that can be performed either in-house at our headquarters or at your property. Here at Extreme Steam Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we are pleased to cater to your optimum convenience as we provide a premium standard clean that achieves unbeatable results. As a team of experts, we will first inspect your rug, taking note of the fabric composition, and its current condition. With this information, we will create a custom cleaning service that draws on a range of top-quality methods, equipment, and products. In this way we can deal with all rugs, of any style, in any condition, guaranteeing safety and protection for the rug whilst achieving a meticulous clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery in your home or commercial property includes elements made of fabric, such as your couch, chairs, and curtains. Over time, they act as a sponge, holding on to all dust, dirt, and grime that settles, creating an unpleasant and stuffy atmosphere. As your local experts in upholstery cleaning, we provide a custom service that is tailor-made to best suit the unique needs of the item. We will take care to protect the fibers, by using appropriate top-quality products, equipment, and techniques, whilst still allowing us to get deep into the item and achieve a thorough clean. Transforming not only the smell, hygiene, and overall atmosphere of the room, you will be amazed by the effect on the aesthetic too!

Mattress Cleaning

Spending night after night on a mattress filled with unpleasant dust, grime, and other irritants, is not a good idea! Enlist our help with our premium standard mattress cleaning service, to make the nights healthier, offering optimum sanitation and freshness that will last! As the number one provider of mattress cleaning services in the area, we are pleased to offer an affordable way to keep your mattresses at their best. Using only the latest and most effective techniques, equipment, and products, you can be assured of a thoroughly refreshed mattress when you work with us!

Delicate Specialisms

If your item is particularly fragile, please feel welcome to get in touch with us to discuss how we can help. We offer a specialist service that can cater to all types of fabrics, ages, and conditions, providing the most gentle of techniques that achieve exceptional deep cleaning whilst preserving the condition of the fabric.

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