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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Extreme Steam Carpet and Tile Cleaning are the number one provider of tile and grout cleaning in the Hobbs, NM, area. With many years of experience and constant upskilling and training, you can be assured of an efficient and effective service that will transform your property. Ideal for tiles in any area of your site, our expert team will create a custom cleaning program in response to the unique condition of your tile and grout!

All About Tile and Grout Cleaning

The tiles and grouting in your property undertake huge amounts of strain with dirt, steam, and many other factors that cause discoloration and staining. This means that no matter how much time you invest in home remedies, aging will always show. As your local experts, we are pleased to offer a transformative service that will restore freshness and a good-as-new aesthetic to your tiles and grout! Usually using steam cleaning methods our experts will draw from a range of equipment, techniques, and products, to achieve a spotless clean that restores the finish to a stunning look!

Where can this service be applied?

Across your property, you may have tiles in a variety of places including your bathroom, kitchen, and floor. Every location will have to bear different kinds of stress, for example, in the bathroom, there are constantly changing temperatures, in the kitchen, stains from cooking and splashes, and on the floor walking in of dirt. This means that we approach every tiled area with a custom eye, creating a one-of-a-kind cleaning service to achieve optimum results for the unique condition of your tiles and grout. Usually enlisting our specialist steam cleaning services, our expert team will draw on a wide range of techniques and products for transformative results.

How do we clean your tiles to look as good as new?

Known locally for our premium standard steam cleaning services, we guarantee exceptional results with our custom cleaning programs. Our experts will first off inspect your tiles, noting their material makeup as well as the current condition, and create a one-of-a-kind cleaning service to achieve an optimum clean. They will usually base the tile cleaning with a steam cleaning practice, that uses our specialist equipment, and tailor the product use and other technical elements of the steam clean to your tiles. Highly effective in achieving a thorough and deep clean, for a team that you can rely on to rejuvenate your tiles, get in touch today!

How do we achieve exceptional grout cleaning results?

We have all spent time trying to clean up grout with home remedies… and somehow it just never works! As your local experts, we have a wide range of professional techniques, equipment, and products, to restore the aesthetic of your grouting to look as good as new. Our experts will inspect the issues, noting the condition, before creating a custom service that will achieve the best results for your property. This is likely to involve a steam cleaning element, and will utilize specialist equipment, products, and often a whitening grout application for premium results!

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